Monday, June 4, 2007

NJ Crawfish Fest

Our first visit to Crawfish fest was such a blast, thank you to everyone that put it on, and all the awesome people we passed a good time with. Cisco & his family had a great canopy area set up towards the back where we all were able to relax and visit, thanks for that! We loved meeting all the new-to-us threadheads (Michelino, Nola, Steeleye, Linza, ScoopJohn) and catching up with our all of our old friends too. Even though Jazzfest was just a few weeks ago, this was more relaxed, less running around. First thing we did Sat when we got there was get us some crawfish, to get in the spirit, and that was really good, as was the jambalaya we tried later on. Oh yeah, and the music didn’t suck either! Especially the Saturday afternoon combination of Bonerama/ New Orleans Social Club. It was an amazing feeling grooving to that set, surrounded by so many blissful people; it felt kind of like the patry because there were so many threadheads dancing so close to the stage, all grinning from ear to ear. I picked up that recording on Sunday too for the ride home. My favorite set on Sunday was Jon Cleary - it was the same kind of thing, with so many people enjoying the music and the vibe. Cowboy Mouth was a lot of fun too, I have only seen them in a huge crowd at jazzfest , so it was nice to be able to get closer in a smaller crowd to see the maniacal Fred. Superchief Trio, who opened up the Delta stage on Sunday was a pleasant surprise. Even though they are from RI I hadn’t seen them before - they do a lot of New Orleans material and older jazz and blues, like Fats Waller, Bessie Smith etc. Just Piano, Trombone and Drums, and the only female trombone player I’ve seen outside of a marching band, she is a good singer too. Happily, the only thing Crawfish Fest was lacking was R - - -. And it differs from most other camping fests I go to in that it ends a lot earlier, and there’s not as much after hours jamming in the campgrounds (though I heard it was livelier on Friday night). The combination of music, food, spirit, and this year’s heat & humidity made Crawfish Fest feel the most like a Louisiana festival than others in the northeast that I have been to – the perfect antidote for post-Jazzfest blues…. or, if you couldn’t make Jazzfest, not a bad substitute. I’ll be back again, thanks everyone!

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