Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Narrows Festival of the Arts

On the heels of Rhythm and Roots, the Narrows Festival of the arts took place outside the Narrows Center in Fall River, under clear blue skies and warm sunshine. 2 Lousiana bands (Beausoleil, Dirty Dozen) + 2 Texas bands (Hot Club of Cowtown, Seth Walker) on the outdoor stage added up to Big Time Bon Temps! Between sets we were entertained by a variety of creatures ranging from a multi-colored dragons, an octopus, some faeries, and a dancing eyeball!

Here's a video of what one observer called a technicolor snufalupagus, kicking up its many heels to Hot Club.


Inside, several local bands took the stage, among them Miss Tess and the Bon Ton Parade, an old fashioned jazz combo consisting of Tess on vocals and guitar, accompanied by a stand up bass, drums....and a clarinet/ sax player. Classy and relaxing, they offered a chance to chill indoors between dancing up a storm to Beausoleil, and gettin' down w/ the Dirty Dozen.

Narrows Festival 2009

Audio is available on MVYRadio.com

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