Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Driveway Macque Choux

When I finally got around to making the Macque Choux as demonstrated by Linzay Young at Rhythm and Roots, it was Monday after work. Whenever we grill outdoors for supper, I'm always indoors fixing the side dishes, then when I'm ready to go out and chill, all the fun part is done! So I decided to make the Macque Choux outdoors while Joe grilled some chicken on the Weber, and this made it so much better! I have made this dish before, indoors, with canned corn and tomatoes, with so-so results. The key to making this dish taste good, I think, is not too rush it, let it cook and enjoy the process... one way to do this is to cook it outdoors on the camp stove. Like grilling, its more fun to cook it outside on a beautiful late summer evening while enjoying a cold beverage, than to be standing over a hot stove indoors ....And using fresh corn helps too! (frozen is good too, not canned). I didn't take any pictures of Linzay's cooking demo at the festival, but I recreated the experience in my driveway....

Driveway Macque Choux & Chicken

the instructions are in the photo captions

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