Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grey Fox finds a Home

Goodbye, hill...
Uncertainty has been in the air the past few months, ever since the news came out in December that the Rothvoss Farm in Ancramdale, NY, was to be sold. Where would our beloved Greyfox Bluegrass festival, which has taken place at that same location every July for the past 30+ years, be moved to? After much rumor and speculation, an official announcement was made today on the Greyfox website, naming Walsh Farm in nearby Greene County, NY as the successor to the Rothvoss Farm. This should ease any doubts in the minds of some potential festival goers who may have been on the fence about making plans without knowing where we would end up. The new location, with its camping described as being "on the level" sounds promising. While I will miss the beautiful sunsets and overall atmosphere of the old location, I will not miss many of the challenges of festing on a hillside - walking on a slant all weekend, constantly trying to keep things in camp from rolling away, digging the tires in, worrying about people parking their cars the wrong way, getting stuck up top or down below when the road is closed due to r**n. It is still in the mountains of upstate NY, in the Hudson Valley, an area known for its natural beauty and laid back atmosphere - home to Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle. An article in a local newspaper, the Independent, says it is "right off the Thruway (I-87), ... and also comes with a stream for wading", which will be great for those hot July days. I am looking forward to finding out more about the new site in the coming months, and possibly at next weekend's Joe Val Festival, where there will undoubtedly be some more info to be shared. Move it on over!

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