Thursday, September 20, 2007


Last weekend wrapped up the Pawtucket Arts Festival which not only featured some great music but a load of arts and crafts for sale at reasonable prices in the peaceful setting of Slater Park. The soothing sounds of Jerimoth Hill could be heard on speakers set up throughout the area, creating a very relaxed shopping/browsing experience for those of us who shun malls! It put me in such a good mood I signed up to carve jack-o-lanterns for next month’s “Pumpkins in the Park”! But those are not the only festivities taking place in this old mill town which seems to be reinventing itself as a hub for the arts. Next weekend, (Sept 21-22) Sal's Productions brings us an early “Oktoberfest” weekend, with 2 nights of music at the German Club: Duke Robillard (Blues/Swing) on Friday night, and Stumbleweeds ("Hillbilly Boogie"), Jesse Lege (Cajun) and Curley Taylor (Zydeco) on Saturday,with German food and beer for sale. Next week (Sept 29) is the German Oktoberfest which will feature more traditional German music along with the bratwurst and beer. It must be the accordion connection – I think the Germans brought the accordion to America, where it found its way to Texas, and Louisiana, and became a part of Cajun and Creole music. So it only makes sense that one of the best places in New England to hear accordion based music from LA/TX sung in French is at events booked by an Italian-American at the German Club in Pawtucket, right?

In case anyone was wondering what is behind that curtain, here's a picture from last year's Octoberfest at the German club:

Sometimes festive living means family parties, like last weekend's sweet sixteen and a 50th birthday this weekend... too bad we can't live festively everywhere at once! There is a full schedule of festive events taking place in southern New England this fall as outlined in the Projo's fall guide and weekend articles. And next month festive living heads south...more later.

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